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What it takes To Design a Complex PCB in Less Time?

What it takes To Design a Complex PCB in Less Time?

Jan 20,2017

Electronic components are becomingcomplex and smaller. Same is the case with the PCBs. They are becomingcomplex, with more components placed on a smaller area. Variousindustrial studies suggest that during the last five years there are nochanges in the layer counts, but the area has decreased by almost onethird. With this, it is pretty much clear that PCB designs will no morebe simpler as before. There are certain things to be kept in mind, while designing such PCBs. This post discusses those factors ofconsideration.

Things to Consider While Designing Complex PCBs?

Having explained the problem, let ushave a look at how to solve it. The following points will help you indesigning complex PCBs in less time:

  1. Advanced Layouts: With complex designs, thedesigners are employing advanced PCB layout methods. This means thatclassic layout designers need to be capable of having the right skillsto assess different variables in terms of modern board design.
  2. Virtual Prototyping: As far as the design processis concerned, virtual prototyping will help earlier support,validation, and decision makers of a company to improve trade-offanalysis, thus making the process more effective and efficient. Witheverything crowded onto the same board, one has to create propershielding patterns, on the same board, as well as across boards, anderect walls between circuits.
  3. Advanced Tools: To address the needs of users, awide range of tools are developed, ranging from enterprise level,typified by large global teams with signal integrity, mechanical, andthermal management specialists, to the maker community. Talkingtheoretically, the bigger the team, the lesser the time required to dodesign. However, too many people working on the same design can createproblems. Thus, tools are employed that support enhanced collaborationsacross the enterprise. One can make use of the tools that help inbringing together the package design, IC design, and PCB layout.
  4. Advanced Packaging: Advanced packaging techniquessuch as multichip modules, Through-silicon via (TSV), and very highdevice pin counts have created disruptive technologies. However, datatransfer between different design domains, which is traditionally donewith spreadsheets, has started to break down.

By taking into consideration, the steps explained above, one can design a complex PCB in less time. The only way to overcome the complexity of PCB design is by staying updated with the latest techniques.

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