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PCB Assembly for High Temperature Electronics

PCB Assembly for High Temperature Electronics

With electronic equipment becoming compact and lightweight, the demand for high-performance PCBs is growing. However, application electronic devices produce immense heat due to high-frequency IC components used in them like A/D or D/A type. This heat affects the thermal density and performance of the PCB. Creative Hi-Tech provides High temperature printed circuit board.

PCB Assembly for High Temperature Electronics Service Highlights   

The following are highlights of our PCB assembly service for high heat or high temperature PCB:

A Comprehensive Range of High Temperature Solutions: We provide a comprehensive range of PCB assemblies for high temperature solutions from -55 OC to 200 O Our temperature capabilities are organized in three categories:

  • Standard Temperature: - 55 OC to 150 O
  • High Temperature: 150 OC to 175 OC
  • Extreme Temperature: 175 OC to 200 OC and above

Build to Specification: We can provide both standard and custom designed PCB assemblies for high temperature circuits. Our PCBs help clients minimize their electronic engineering challenges, manage their projects efficiently, and reduce their operational costs.

Testing Capabilities: We conduct extensive tests and inspections to ensure that the box builds PCB Assembly and PCB assemblies are able to withstand high temperature conditions. We perform:

  • Temperature Testing
  • In-Circuit Testing 
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Camera Inspection    

Competence: Our high temperature PCB assembly competence lies in:

  • Multilayer connects
  • Chip and Wire Assembly
  • SMT Assembly (PCBA)
  • Box Builds and System Assemblies
  • Temperature Based Electrical Measurements

Design for Manufacture: Our customers can benefit from our high temperature PCB engineering expertise. Our in-house machining equipment, proven engineering practices, and advanced testing capabilities allow us to provide quick turnaround from prototypes to production. We provide complete life cycle support in terms of:

  • Concept and Design
  • Selection of Components
  • Package and CAD Layout Design
  • Procurement
  • Prototypes
  • Testing
  • Qual Reports
  • Review for Production Readiness
  • Production Ramp and Support

Industrial Applications Using High – Temperature Electronics

Following are few industrial applications that use high –temperature electronics:

Oil, Gas, and Energy: Our high temperature PCB assemblies can reduce operating costs and maintenance of monitoring and drilling equipment used in the oil, gas, and energy sector. We have already provided PCB assembly services for a few applications in oil, gas, and energy such as:

  • Pressure Control Sensors
  • Motor Controllers
  • Offshore Safety Control Systems
  • Oil and Gas Measurement Systems

Medical and Instrumentation: Reliable electronics is a requisite for several medical applications. We provide custom solutions that ensure reliable performance in harsh conditions. The following are a few high temperature electronics products for the medical industry that use high-temperature PCBs:

  • Hybrid Assemblies for Blood Analyzers
  • Blood Electrolyte Sensors
  • Surgical Drill Motors

Aerospace High-Temperature Electronics: We offer PCBs and PCB assemblies for a wide range of commercial aerospace solutions such as:

  • Heads Up Display
  • Aircraft Altimeters
  • Power Supplies
  • Digital Engine Controls

To know more about High temperature pcb design & assembly, contact us today via phone at 224-653-4000 , or email us at sales@creativehitech.com

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