PCB Legend Text: A Few Important Things to Keep in Mind During PCB Legend Designing

Feb 25,2020
This post focuses on a few design guidelines to adhere to PCB Legend Text.
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A Focus on Important Guidelines for PCB Legend Text Printing

Feb 13,2020
The information printed on the PCB legend can be broadly classified into different types depending on their purpose.
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Things You Must Know About Silkscreen Printing of PCBs

Jan 20,2020
This post will provide you the importance of silkscreen printing on printed circuit boards.
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Processes Involved in the Manufacturing of 4 layered PCBs – Part 2

Jan 13,2020
We had listed the first few steps involved in the production of 4 layered PCBs.
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Creative Hi-Tech Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Dec 20,2019
The year 2019 was an amazing and special year for us at Creative Hi-Tech. It brought us several accolades and helped us become one of the leading Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) assembly service providers in the industry.
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Processes Involved in the Manufacturing of 4 layered PCBs – Part 1

Dec 12,2019
This post explain the major steps involved in multilayer PCB production. We explain the steps involved in a 4-layered PCB Production.
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How to Optimize HDI Design in Electronics

Dec 06,2019
Creative Hi-tech boasts a team of knowledgeable, experienced, talented professionals who are well-versed with varied design tips to optimize HDI design in electronics.
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A Guide to IPC Standard for PCBs

Nov 12,2019
This post will explain you to know the importance of connecting with a PCB fabricator who follows IPC standards for PCB.
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