PCB Soldering Process: Different Types and Essential Resources Discussed

Apr 26,2021
There are different types of PCB soldering processes adopted based on the operational requirements of the PCBs. This post introduces you to these different types of soldering and the essential resources required to complete them.
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Selection Guide: Consideration Factors for Choosing PCB Conformal Coating

Apr 15,2021
This post guides the readers through factors of consideration for the selection of appropriate PCB conformal coating.
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IPC Standards of PCB: Introduction and Significance in Quality PCB Manufacturing

Mar 09,2021
IPC standards are of great importance in PCB design and manufacturing, it is important to understand them. This post shall answer what are IPC standards? What is the significance of IPC standards of PCB manufacturing?.
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Electrostatic Discharge: What Is It, How Does it Occur, and How to Resolve It?

Feb 23,2021
This post introduces the concept of electrostatic discharge followed by its causes and solutions.
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Know About the Design Factors That Impact PCB Thickness

Feb 12,2021
This post discusses the standard and custom PCB thickness, followed by the list of factors that impact selecting or achieving the thickness.
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Know How to Avoid Common PCB Failure Modes

Jan 11,2021
This post discusses the most common PCB failure causes and the dos and don’ts to avoid them.
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Creative Hi-Tech Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

Dec 15,2020
Creative Hi-Tech wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021
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Ball Grid Array (BGA): Acceptance Criteria and Inspection Techniques

Nov 11,2020
This post discusses the acceptance criteria of ball grid array challenges and a few techniques to inspect the same.
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