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Benefits of Assembling PCBs Entirely in the USA

Benefits of Assembling PCBs Entirely in the USA

Jun 07,2019

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are an integral part of all electronic devices today. Their use is not limited only to electronics but also the other sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and so on which have immensely benefitted owing to digitalization of equipment and processes. Thus, manufacturing and assembling of PCBs in an area comprising their application sectors has some obvious benefits. Manufacturing a product locally always has its own advantages over importing or getting it done from another country or region. This is usually in terms of reduced cost and supply chain. However, it is beneficial with regards to many other aspects. For instance, if PCB assembly companies in America assemble PCBs for their customers in the same country, both are in a win-win situation. This post discusses various benefits of this scenario and the increasing significance of “Made in USA” products.

Significance of PCB Assemblies Made in USA  

“Proudly made in USA” or “ban on outsourcing” may sound like a political rhetoric, but they are not just statements made for electoral gains. From the beginning of the 21st century, the US has witnessed a lot of businesses being outsourced to the Asian countries or other developing countries. This was mainly because of the availability of skilled and cheap labor in those countries. However, with the rising anger of Americans over losing their jobs, increased cost of transportation and labor in Asian countries, the current US government’s renewed policies decreased outsourcing significantly. This way “made in USA” and “No China Sourcing Pledge” gathered steam. For many products and components, including PCB assemblies, local manufacturing offered many benefits such as reduced costs of transport and shipping, improved communication and requirement gathering, and improved quality. So, most PCB assembly service providers now proudly state that their PCB assemblies are made in USA. Also, it makes a lot of business sense as USA is home to almost all business segments from electronics and software to defense, automobile, and healthcare, most of which require assembled PCBs in their devices or end products. 

Benefits of PCB Assembly Made in USA

Companies, to some extent, may have benefitted from the erstwhile low costs in Asian countries; however, there are lot of benefits re-shoring businesses have offered. Persons, businesses, and the country at large have benefitted from this. PCB assembly made in USA serves as an advantage for the local customers in diverse business segments. Here we have listed some of them:

  • Employment generation: Businesses get to contribute toward employment regeneration, and in turn the nation’s economy. Also, the anger among employees about their jobs being stolen decreases.
  • Cost saving:Businesses can definitely save logistics and transportation costs. Also, the Asian labor is not that cheaper compared to what it was until a few years ago.
  • Quality:You can be sure of the quality when you manufacture on your own. Also, adhering to quality standards and client requirements is far easier than explaining it to the offshore company and them following it.
  • On-time delivery: You can always avoid any delays that happen due to miscommunication, long distances, canceled or delayed cargo flights, and more. So, the chances of delivering on time is higher if you manufacture locally, as long as you stick to the production schedule.
  • Same time zone and vicinity: Living in different time zones can lead to delays and miscommunication as well. Living in the same vicinity or region can facilitate better communication and in-person meetings. Meeting customers personally definitely improves communication, requirement can be gathered in a short time, and doubts if any can be solved then and there instead of scheduling another meeting or phone call.
  • Reduced risk of business: When outsourcing, there are concerns or apprehensions about data integrity and information security. Also, it may be possible for the team in that country to steal or replicate your design, and data theft cases have happened in the past. The PCB assembly companies in America reduces this risk to a large extent.
  • Design Changes: In case of reverse engineering, too many design changes, or a complex requirement, communicating back and forth in a different time zone is challenging. It may instead increase the budget and cause operational delays.

Although Asian countries still have many US-based businesses with them, USA is now home to an increased number of existing, re-shored, as well as startup companies. In this, manufacturers, fabricators, and service providers of electronic devices, semiconductors, and PCB assemblies have a huge role to play. So, if you need a PCB assembly service provider, you now have plenty of options to choose from. However, make sure you features and quality of PCBs and the reliability and timeliness of the manufacturer. Creative-Hi-Tech Ltd. is a reliable provider of custom PCB assemblies made in USA. They have a market presence of more than 20 years and have catered to complex PCB assembly requirements of industries such as military, medical, aerospace, and industrial electronics.   
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