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Large Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Large Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Large volume PCB requirements are usually placed by customers who are mass producing a product, and require multiple copies of a standard or custom printed circuit board for installation. Generally, these order range in 1000+ PCBs.

To ensure that the order is completed and delivered on time, customer require a PCB manufacturer who has the capability to work on large volume PCB assemblies.

Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. (CHTL) has the knowledge and experience to take on with large volume PCB assembly requirements.

Large Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

At CHTL, we have the advantage of an enormous 25,000 sq. ft. facility with the latest in PCB design, prototyping, production, testing equipment. This allows us to take on a variety of large volume PCB orders. Our large volume PCB assembly capabilities include:

  • Two surface mount, and one through hole production line
  • Separate areas for prototyping and mechanical assembly
  • Specialized testing and inspection areas, including rework stations
  • Complex RoHS & non-RoHS PCAs up to 18”x20”
  • PTH, SMT, & mixed technology assembly
  • Single and double-sided assembly
  • Cable & harness assembly
  • Component placement to 7-mil pitch
  • High layer & ultra-dense component counts
  • On site firmware programming
  • BGA, U-BGA, ultra-fine pitch QFP, QFN, CSP, FCP & 0201 placement & repair

Benefits of Large Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Our mass production expertise and capabilities can provide a variety of benefits to customers.We utilize automated pick and place machines for the assembly process. Due to this, we can assemble bulk PCBs within a short time period.

  • All of our PCBs undergo rigorous AOI, ICT, and X-ray, PCB testing and inspection. We ensure that our PCBs meet all application and industry requirements, in terms of speed, performance, and regulations.
  • By choosing large volume orders, customers can save on their overall costs.
  • We design our prototypes with the same level of quality as the final assemblies. This ensure that the final PCBs delivered to customers will be performance driven and durable.
  • We ensure that all the PCBs meet exact design and production requirements. This provides assurance in terms of accuracy and consistency.

Be it standard or custom requirements, CHTL can take on any large volume PCB assembly orders. We ensure to deliver all the products on time and of the best quality. Please contact us for more information about our large volume printed circuit board assembly services.   

PCB Assembly Calculator

PCB Assembly Calculator

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