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Things to Know About Quick Turn PCB Assemblies

Things to Know About Quick Turn PCB Assemblies

May 08,2020

A quick turn PCB assembly implies the entire work being done in a in the shortest time period ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours. However, this may change depending on the complexity involved. If an OEM has a production-ready design or needs minimal changes in it, it can be done quickly and using standard PCBs. For this, the PCB assembly service provider has to be sure about the correctness of the design, number of layers, lamination, and mounting technique such as through hole or soldering. So, time is an important factor in this case, but without compromising on the functionality aspect. This process cuts down on the total design, manufacturing and assembling period otherwise required. To further reduce time and costs, these PCBs can be prototyped. This post discusses the other details and benefits of quick turn PCB assemblies.  

Some Reasons for Choosing Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Here are some reasons why quick turn PCB assemblies are a great option in today’s fast paced times:

  • Quick turn PCBs help save time taken by manufacturers for an otherwise end-to-end assembly process.
  • Most quick turn PCB assemblies are built using flexible boards, which can be made bendable, small, compact, and resistant to heat, vibration, and harsh environment among other physical parameters.
  • Such boards find a large application in the IoT segment. So, players in this segment should choose quick turn PCBs because of the size aspect and also meeting the growing demand for small-sized communication devices.
  • Quick turn facilitates prototyping, increases the speed of prototype manufacturing as well as research and development, thereby enabling manufacturers to improve their time-to-market capabilities.
  • Prototypes help identify and fix defects if any in early stages. Additionally, it increases the scope to add more features and improve performance and efficiency.
  • In fact, if companies follow the DFM approach for design, it further reduces manufacturing and assembling delays.
  • Overall, quick turn PCBs help OEMs to optimize their time-to-market capabilities for the final product and fulfill the time-related commitment made to the customer. They also help reduce the overall costs.
  • This is because technologically advanced PCBs can be manufactured in minimal time.
  • A professional service provider with hands-on experience in making a quick turn PCB assembly would give you the exact timeframe precise information such as number of layers, types of boards, and so on. They have appropriate tools and equipment which help reduce the turnaround time.
  • Quick turn flex PCBs have a high tensile strength, durability, improved heat dissipation, and the capacity to increase the air flow.
  • Once manufactured, quick turn PCBs can be assembled in just about 24 hours.   

  • If you are an OEM making electromechanical devices or an electronic products manufacturer, you may require quick turn PCB assembly. If you do not have the required technological expertise or a separate space for PCB assembling, consider opting for a partner who offers end-to-end services. Creative-Hi-Tech Ltd. is a known provider of custom PCBs and quick turn PCB assemblies. They are based in Illinois. With a market presence of more than 20 years, the company caters to complex PCB assembly requirements of various industries such as military, medical, aerospace, and industrial electronics.    

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