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5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer PCB Assemblies Made in USA

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer PCB Assemblies Made in USA

Apr 09,2019

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) has been an integral part of electronics manufacturing for a long time. As these assemblies play a key role in the functioning of electronics, electronics manufacturers in America were particular about outsourcing them to trusted PCB assembly services overseas. For years, low assembly and labor costs have enticed US-based manufacturers to outsource these overseas. As the trend of re-shoring is gaining traction in the US, there is an increasing demand for PCB assemblies made in USA. Although this a growing trend, many US-based electronics manufacturers are yet to explore its benefits. This post discusses, how PCB assembly companies in America are competing with overseas PCBA services to provide superior services at affordable costs.

Top 5 Features of PCB Assembly Services in the USA

The following five points will help you understand why PCB assemblies made in USA are garnering attention.

  • 1. Cloud Manufacturing or Kickstarter Manufacturing:

    It has been noticed that over the past few years, cloud manufacturing or kickstarter manufacturing has been embraced by many PCB assembly companies in America. Why so? This allows them to remain in touch with their clients through all stages of PCB assembly. How? As the name suggests, these companies are harnessing the power of various cloud technologies and tools for project management, document sharing, tracking, and ensuring participation of their clients during every phase of the assembly process. Thus, all interactions between them and a client are streamlined, and performed in real time.

    2. Instant Quotes:

    Today, it is quite common for PCB assembly companies in the USA to provide instant quotes. Most of them have incorporated easy-to-follow forms on their website to calculate the costs of a PCB assembly. Else, you can also call them directly for discussing the quotes for complex designs. Many of these PCB assembly companies in the US also offer the benefit of consultation. They guide you on how to cut down your assembly costs. This makes the whole quoting process easier, and you do not have to wait for days or weeks to receive a quote for your project.

    3. Prototyping:

    It is quite obvious that before placing a big order, you would like to know whether the PCB will perform as expected. Although many overseas manufacturers offer the benefit of prototyping, the time duration involved may be long. They may enable to save on production costs; however, product iterations may be time consuming, because your product has to be shipped from other countries. By working with PCB assembly companies in America, you can easily save on this part, as many of them offer 24–48-hour turnaround times. They also allow you to keep the costs low by combining these orders with large volume runs.

    4. Access to Latest Technologies and Industry Standards:

    Quality of PCB assembly is becoming a priority for all small and big electronics manufacturers. They understand that quality is one of the main hallmarks of success in the highly competitive electronics industry, and they cannot afford to miss on that. This is why PCB assembly companies in the US are also investing in latest technologies and building adherence to established industry standards, which allows them assure quality products at competitive prices.

    5. Seamless Assembly Process:

    Unlike earlier times, nowadays, many PCB assembly companies in the US provide full turnkey and partial turnkey services. In full turnkey assembly, a service provider performs the sourcing, purchasing, and assembly, whereas in partial turnkey services, the service provider will handle only partial purchasing and assembly. As discussed earlier, you can also receive updates on the ongoing assembly process on the cloud platform. All these simplify the assembly process, and you can easily expect your product in a few days.

Is that all? No, there are several reasons as why PCB assemblies made in USA are gaining popularity. Today, it is easy to find PCB assembly companies in the US who assure better pricing and benefits as compared to your overseas assembly services; however, it is important to verify their credentials. Creative Hi-Tech Limited is one of the leading PCB assembly companies in the US who provide quality PCB assemblies made in USA.  

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