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Things to Consider for Box Build Assembly Process

Things to Consider for Box Build Assembly Process

Aug 16,2021

A box build is nothing but an enclosure or casing for an integrated system such as a PCB assembly. However, this enclosure is electromechanical and not just a simple casing. Hence, manufacturing a box build assembly comprises all the stages such as design, construction, manufacturing, testing, and so on. It could also extend beyond that, which may include installing PCBA inside, the required cables, wire harnesses, electrical connections, pneumatic or hydraulic systems, and so on. This entire process makes a box build assembly. Like any other product-based business, this also further involves appropriate packaging, labeling, and shipping. This post discusses the box build assembly process, benefits, and applications in detail.

Details About a Box Build Assembly Explained

A box build assembly is also known as systems integration, since it actually has integrated systems and devices along with the configured software. Getting a customized one rather than the one stored on a shelf is certainly beneficial. However, it is important to know your requirements well and discuss the same with your PCBA manufacturer. Here are some points to consider before you consider manufacturing a box build assembly.

  • Requirement Discussion:

    As mentioned before, it is absolutely crucial to share your requirements at length with your PCBA service provider. Based on these discussions, the service provider will help you finalize on choice of board materials, software and configuration details, components to be mounted, details pertaining to electrical supplies, packaging, labeling, and so on.

  • Bill of Materials (BoM):

    This is a very important document which you may need to refer to even in the future. This is done once the order is finalized. BoM comprises all the key components and devices you require along with their brand names and part numbers. This includes the minutest things you require such as wires, connectors, screws, and so on.

  • Dimensions:

    The dimensions as in the size, shape and weight of the box build are important aspects. They largely depend on the area available and your application requirements. The box build should not just fit in its designated space but when deciding the shape and size, the other factors such as packaging and shipping must also be considered.

  • Testing and Inspection Techniques:

    Check with your service provider regarding when and which testing methods they use. Various parameters such as design, functionality, working, safety features, and so on must be analyzed during the testing and inspection. Some commonly used testing techniques are visual inspection, automated optical inspection, and so on.

  • Samples and prototype:

    It is always a good idea to get a sample or prototype made before you go on ahead with the final version. A sample is not a fully made prototype, but simply a partly made or unfinished design. But, this does give you an idea about the final product and also helps identify and fix errors if any. It may also prompt you to make changes in the design.

  • Packaging, Labeling, and Shipping:

    The outline of these aspects must be done before you even begin with the production of the box build. Planning this in advance helps the entire supply chain.

If you are looking for a box build assembly to be integrated with your existing system or a new one, ensure you check the compatibility requirements. Also, ensure the service provider understands all your requirements and offers you appropriate customization. Creative Hi-Tech is a well-known PCB manufacturer and assembly services provider who also specialize in making box build assemblies. They comply with the required standards and superior quality industry grade materials and components for their PCBs.

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