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Important Factors of Consideration for Outsourcing a Box Build Assembly Process

Important Factors of Consideration for Outsourcing a Box Build Assembly Process

Feb 02,2018

Box build assembly is a term synonymous with printed circuit board assembly process. It is a common term for a broad range of system integration process. Today, it has become a common practice among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to outsource box build assembly services to a contract manufacturer. If you plan to do the same, there are some basic things that you need to consider for receiving an accurate quote. These basic things will ease the build process and make things smooth for your Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner? What are these things? The post discusses them in detail.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing a Box Build Assembly Process

The following tips will help you place an effective Request a Quote with an EMS:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): This will help an EMS to offer you the best quote. The BOM must include information on all key components. Also, you need to mention the type of components the EMS will source on your behalf, and if necessary, will be issued by you. You can also describe the small components such as the bolts, nuts, tie wraps, washers, adhesives, heat shrinks, etc. It is entirely your discretion whether you want to describe the quantities by yourself or leave the decision to the supplier. The same decision goes for wires, too. Although these components are often labeled as consumables, still these may slightly or largely increase your costs.
  • Detailed Component Drawings: All component drawings for bespoke items must be specified with finishes and tolerances. If not clearly mentioned, these things may cause confusions, and lead to errors during the assembly process.
  • Assembly: It is always ideal to provide the 3D models, because it helps in proper visualization. A 3D model can be easily built using a CAD package. If you don’t have one, you can easily avail free CAD packages online. These packages offer free drawing viewers. These viewers allow you to convert drawings into build instructions. A detailed layout comprising all key components and their positioning must be included.
  • Schematics: The schematics (circuit diagrams) will be required for electrical systems. A decision on the best build method can be left to the manufacturing partner. It is important to share the schematics in an electronic format.
  • Sample Unit: Always try to include a sample unit. This will serve as the main point of reference, even if other information is lacking.
  • Specifications: Let your EMS know the dimensions of the unit. This will help them decide on the storage, material handling, and shipping during the box build assembly process. Also, you need to instruct, how the finished product must be packed, or shipped. Do you want them in special boxes or shrink wraps? Do you want them in pallets? The choice is entirely yours.
  • Safety Testing: This is one of the vital features of the box build assembly process. You need to mention the basic electrical safety testing method to be performed. Do you require a factory acceptance testing or a functionality testing? You need to mention it clearly. If you are unable to decide on the right choice, you can always approach the manufacturer to seek the opinion.

Outsourcing a box build assembly process demands a close working relationship between a customer and the manufacturer. If you are working with a reliable and expert EMS, the working relationship becomes smooth, because they have wide experiences catering clients like you. Creative Hi-Tech is one of the leading Electronic Manufacturing Services provider who has helped several clients with box build assembly processes.

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