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Applications of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Explained

Applications of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Explained

Feb 13,2023
A cable or wire harness is an organized assembly of electric wires bound together in a non-conductive, insulating material and is used for transmitting electric current. All the cables in a wire harness are assembled and bound using durable materials like rubber, conduit, vinyl, extruded strings, and so on. These materials help keep the wires organized at an optimum distance for effective electric transmission. There are different types of cable and wire harness assemblies, each designed according to the electrical and geometrical requirements of an application. There are various applications that cannot work with accuracy without a wire harness. Do you want to know what they are and how a wire harness works? Read the post below.
How Does a Wire Harness work?
A wire harness works by bringing multiple cables under one assembly that easily transfers electric current into various parts of a complex system. In addition, wire harness provides additional protection to the systems, which increases safety and eliminates short circuits and other reasons for downtimes.

Applications of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

A wire harness is always proved to be a beneficial element for a wide range of applications. Some of them are as follows:
  • Medical Industry: In hospitals, during surgeries and other important tasks, doctors need quick links to permanently install medical devices. These medical devices include MRI machines, dental chairs, x-ray machines, and so on. These devices are highly complex and require multiple electrical connections, which can easily be formed using wire harnesses.
  • Aerospace Industry: Most aerospace applications include installations of permanent systems, including aircraft engines, communication devices, and so on. Wire harness allows these systems to generate power by transmitting electricity to the required parts.
  • Industrial Electronics and Heavy Engineering: Large-scale industries install complex electronic equipment which helps automate production. This is linked to various systems in the unit through a wire harness. In addition, engineering industries use heavy machines such as tunnel excavators, heavy-duty cutting machines, and so on. These may be linked to distantly located devices and systems. Wire harness connections help organize the meshwork of these machines.
  • Telecommunication: Telecommunication applications are very large and require multiple connections. Therefore, various telecommunication devices such as routers, modems, and so on are installed using wire harnesses to save space and eliminate cable confusion. This is applicable to voice and data networks of businesses, data centers, and so on.
  • Military and Defense: The challenging environment of the military and defense industry requires a robust network and connectivity with multiple indoor and outdoor devices. Wire harnesses for the military are manufactured with components, including connectors, terminals, wires, and so on, that can withstand harsh environments.

If you are a part of any of the above industries, then wire harnesses can be a crucial requirement for your industrial network and integrated system applications. However, it is important to purchase and install them from reliable and trusted manufacturers and service providers. Creative Hi-Tech, located in Illinois, is among the top manufacturers of cable and wire harness assemblies. Creative Hi-Tech manufactures high-quality wire harnesses you can rely on. The company serves various industries such as aerospace, medical, military, electronics, and so on. If you have any queries, you can get in touch with the company today. The experts at the company will guide you throughout the process.

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