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A Discussion on Step-by-Step Process of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

A Discussion on Step-by-Step Process of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Sep 16,2021

A cable and wire harness is a grouping of wires which route signals r energy to the devices which are away from the main harnesses. So, these work as sub-assemblies or an extension of the main harness. Wire harnesses are used to power several electrical devices ranging from domestic appliances to complex medical equipment, and more. They not only improve the performance of the equipment but also provide security against the adverse effects of abrasion, vibration, and moisture. Also, they offer optimized physical space and reduce the risk of electrical short as the wires are constructed within insulated materials. A wire harness assembly is often called a cable harness assembly, and these terms are often used interchangeably. This post gives step-by-step details about a cable and wire harness assembly. So, stay tuned.

A Quick Introduction on a Wire Harness

Wire harnesses bundle up different cables together using cable lacing, straps, cables ties, electrical tape, extruded string, or any of these combinations. Instead of using a single strand to bind multiple wires, wire harnesses group cables of distinct types and wraps them together with covering for robust protection against demanding environments. Each cable is wrapped individually in insulation material. Thus, one can pull out a single cable if required.

The purpose of wire harnesses is to make connectivity easier and help control power devices. They keep the systems organized by preventing cables from running all over the place. The following advantages of a wire harness assembly have contributed to its immense popularity.

  • Facilitate customization for specific application needs
  • Improve the safety of the equipment
  • Optimize space by grouping different wires together
  • Cost-effective solution for organizing multiple cables
  • Best suited for indoor applications
  • Convenient for modifying constituent cables

Important Guidelines for Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

The following are a few important steps that must be followed while assembling a wire harness.

  • Pre-planned Design:

    It is the first and the most important step of any manufacturing process, and the same applies to wire harnesses. Depending on the individual application requirement, the manufacturer estimates how much wire would be required between each connection. A wire harness design heavily relies on what it is used for, and the material type it is subjected to during integration.

  • Prototyping:

    This is another important step in a wire harness assembly. The wire harness prototyping allows manufacturers to get their hands on the real-time version of the final product. This helps ensure the efficient performance of the product.

  • Wire Cutting and Stripping:

    The cables should be cut to the exact length. This is an automated process that uses cutting machines to produce wires of precise length in a bulk quantity. Once you are done with wire cutting, it is time to expose these wires by stripping the ends of the insulation material.

  • Assembling:

    At this stage, the prepared wires along with their connectors are gathered together and constructed into the harness. This should be done manually as each wire requires to be taped off, measured, and fed through the harness to ensure that distances match the exact design specifications.

  • Testing:

    Here, the functionality of individual wire harnesses is tested for all relevant specifications. Manufacturers carry out different types of tests such as resistance testing and continuity testing.

By now, you may have got an idea of what a wire harness assembly is. Although it is a time-consuming process for your big projects, it offers the best returns on investments, and hence is cost effective in the long run. Are you looking for wire harness assemblies for your upcoming applications? If that sounds yes, then you must consult a reliable, trustworthy industry player who will assist you throughout the process. With years of market presence and skilled employees, Creative Hi-Tech offers end-to-end solutions for cable and wire harness assemblies, PCB assemblies, and more.

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