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6 Reasons Why Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) are Popular

6 Reasons Why Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) are Popular

Apr 05,2018

The PCB layout plays an important role in the performance of a PCB. This layout is a method that decides the arrangement of components on a PCB. This arrangement helps improve stability, and efficiency of the PCB. Ball Grid Array (BGA) has become an important layout method in the recent years, due to several advantages offered by them. In the previous post, several BGA packages, and their utilization in PCBs, were discussed. This post concentrates on top 6 advantages of BGA packages.

6 Important Benefits of Using BGA for a PCB Assembly

The following benefits of BGA have contributed to their immense popularity in the PCB industry:

  1. High Density: Today, there is a high demand for miniature packages with hundreds of pins. The dual-in-line surface mount (SOIC) and Pin Grid Array (PGA) packages were produced with lower track densities, but PCB manufacturers faced several difficulties with the soldering process. In these packages, bridging of pins were extremely difficult. However, BGAs help reduces these issues, because solder balls provide the soldering required to hold the package. These solder balls easily self-align themselves during the mounting process. The closeness of these solder balls strengthens interconnections, thereby improving the packaging. High-density connections provided by BGA also help reduce the component space on the PCB. This allows more effective and efficient use of the area on the PCB.
  2. Excellent Electrical Conductivity: BGA comprises shorter paths between the circuit board and the die, which enables better electrical conductivity than other electrical components.
  3. Reduced Component Damage: As discussed, in PGA packages soldering was performed to connect components to each other. This soldering was known to damage components. However, in BGA solder balls are melted by heating, and allowed to adhere to the PCB. This significantly reduces the chances of component damage. Additionally, the surface tension between the circuit board and the ball ensures that the package is kept in place.
  4. Reduces Chance of Overheating: The heat resistance between the circuit board and the BGA is high. The BGA units comprise several thermal channels, which take away the heat generated by the circuit board. This helps reduce the chances of overheating.
  5. Reliable Construction: In PGA, the fragile composition of pins was a big issue. These pins required extra care and were easily bent or damaged. However, in the BGA, solder pads are connected to solder balls, which makes the system robust, as well as reliable.
  6. Improved Performance at Higher Speeds: The BGA have shorter connections inside, which means components are close to each other. This closeness helps minimize the signal distortion during high-speed work and boosts electrical performance.

All the above-mentioned advantages have contributed to the high demand of BGA packages. However, if you are considering them for your next project, it is important that you source them from a reliable manufacturer. Creative Hi-Tech is one of the well-known manufacturers of Ball Grid Assemblies in the USA. The company can provide the BGA packages in customized designs and varied specifications.

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