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5 Ways PCB-Driven Emergency Applications are Changing Lives

5 Ways PCB-Driven Emergency Applications are Changing Lives

Oct 16,2016

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are at the core of consumer electronics. This is why when someone hears of PCBs, they think of various consumer electronics. However, PCBs are becoming integral parts of emergency service devices too. This post discusses how emergency professionals are depending on PCB driven devices more than ever.

How Printed Circuit Boards Help Emergency Services?

Following are some of the emergency equipment that comprise PCBs:

  • Automatic Fire Fighting Systems: Most automatic fire fighting systems are powered with Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC), which are mounted on printed circuit boards. Although PCB driven firefighting systems have been around for a while, the PLC controlled ones are gaining popularity now. These systems are interfaced with a diesel engine, a jockey pump, and main pump, which can extinguish fire, and help save lives of people.
  • Imaging Tools: Fire crews are now using PCB-driven imaging tools to understand the location and size of fires. Some advanced imaging tools allow them to predict locations, which are vulnerable to hazardous fires. This helps them take all necessary precautions to avoid the fire outbreak.
  • Advanced Guns: Police guns with PCB driven grips are in demand. This technology helps police officers to alert their team during emergencies. The PCBs in the grips will register an action, when a police officer uses a weapon. This will send alerts to other police professionals in the area indicating that their help may be needed.
  • High Tech Apps for Paramedics: Today, paramedics are depending on mobile apps to get information about the location of crash victims, or to identify the type of assistance that critical accident victims require. Also, they are using high performance PCB driven computers, communication systems, and medical equipment to help people in distress.
  • eCall: The European Union (EU) has made eCall mandatory for cars and other vehicles by April 2018. The eCall is an emergency device driven by printed circuit boards, which will produce emergency alerts, and inform emergency services regarding the accident. The device will be activated automatically during the accident. The emergency call will be automatically diverted to the nearest emergency service center with the Minimum Set of Data.         

The above-mentioned applications suggest various possibilities that OEMs and emergency service device manufacturers can explore with PCBs. To know more about high performance PCBs for emergency situations, please contact Creative Hi-Tech. The company provides PCB assembly services in Illinois.  

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