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How Printed Circuit Boards Help in Emergency Situations?

How Printed Circuit Boards Help in Emergency Situations?

Feb 28,2017

For most of us, when asked about Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), the first thing that comes to our mind is consumer electronics. Along with developing innovative tech products for consumers and businesses, engineers continue to work on new techniques to help with emergency response and safety applications. Emergency or first responders are beginning to test different products and processes that bank on PCBs to help save many lives.

Due to the arduous and ever changing demands of each individual application, it is essential to design and test printed circuit boards that have the capability to withstand every requirement. Particularly when it comes to medical gear and equipment that helps emergency crews, engineers and product designers must make sure that PCBs will perform as per the requirements.

Applications of Printed Circuit Boards in Emergency and Safety Equipment:

Printed circuit boards find their applications in different emergency situations. Listed below are some of the major applications:

  • Natural Disasters: Printed circuit boards are not only assisting emergency responders to locate people during an emergency, but are also helping those who are affected by natural disasters. They provide as much assistance as possible in the immediate aftermath.
  • Firefighters: Imaging tools enable fire crews to delineate the location and size of a fire. This helps the fire crew to plan the best course of action. Firefighters can also use current geography and topography to forecast which locations are more susceptible to fires, and how they may spread.
  • Paramedics: Mobile technology helps paramedic teams to get necessary information needed to assist crash victims or others that need medical attention during transport to the hospital. These are life-or-death circumstances that hinge on high quality medical equipment, computers, and communication systems to save lives.
  • Police Officers: Technological developments can help officers involved in emergency situations to signal for help. For example, gun grips or other equipment can be equipped with PCBs, so that when an officer fires his/her weapon, it will send out a signal, thus giving an alert to other units present nearby.

It all starts with the PCB on which a product is built. Continuous invention and reinvention of everyday products give engineers food for thought to think of new solutions, which will take safety to the next level.

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