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Tips for Doing BGA Soldering the Right Way

Tips for Doing BGA Soldering the Right Way

Apr 12,2017

Inception of BGA (Ball Grid Array) has a huge contribution in the development of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). BGA is a type of Surface Mount packaging, with the help of which devices like microprocessors can be permanently mounted on a PCB. The low inductance of BGAs allow them to deliver superior electrical performance. They have a good heat conduction because of which the heat that is produced by the chip or IC (Integrated Circuit) is transmitted through the entire PCB. This stops chip from overheating. In this post, we will discuss some advantages of BGA, and the process of BGA soldering.

Advantages of BGA

Nowadays, BGA is preferred in most of the PCB manufacturing companies, because of the number of advantages it offers. Here are some of the major advantages of BGA, which make it popular in PCB manufacturing process.

  1. BGA improves the connectivity. With this, you can achieve high speed performance.
  2. BGA has a lower track density. This helps improve PCB design.
  3. It is sturdy and robust package, which make the circuit more durable.

BGA Soldering Process

It requires an expertise, finesse, and practice to solder BGA packages. Hot air is used for soldering BGA. Here is the procedure that you can follow for a decent BGA soldering.

  • Step 1: As a first step, apply flux paste on the pad.
  • Step 2: Now, carefully add the solder balls on the flux paste that is applied on the pad. This paste stops solder balls from falling off or changing position.
  • Step 3: Carefully apply the paste on the soldering side of the BGA package.
  • Step 4: Now, place the package on the solder balls that are added on the pad.
  • Step 5: You are now required to preheat the package. Apply hot air on both top, as well as the bottom side of the package.
  • Step 6: Application of heat causes solder balls to melt and get soldered.

If done correctly, BGA soldering is very reliable. For assistance you can always get help from the experts. One such expert in BGA soldering is Creative Hi-Tech. The company has a huge experience in the field and can help you with your PCB design requirements.

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