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Some Cool Facts of Turnkey PCB Assembly Revealed

Some Cool Facts of Turnkey PCB Assembly Revealed

Nov 13,2017

Be it any industry, one has to stay updated with the latest trends. This helps in meeting the changing and ever-increasing demand from the customers.

Same applies to the electronics industry, as well. Until a few years back, traditional techniques were used by the printed circuit boards (PCBs) for design and assembly. The problem with these techniques was that they were prone to errors, as well as slow, and on a costlier side. In addition to this, the older techniques were not suitable for small batch runs, or extreme huge orders. Also, the lead times were high. All this was disappointing the customers, and hence the manufacturers too. The industry required a new approach to save them from the fall. It was then that a revolutionary method came to the rescue – the turnkey PCB assembly.

What is this technique exactly? How does it help? In the following post, we will discuss this technique, and also reveal some really interesting facts about this approach.

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

It is very easy to understand what turnkey assembly is. According to this approach, all you have to do is prepare PCB design and send it to the manufacturer. Within no time, you get a quote. The role of a customer ends here, and that of a manufacturer begins. Everything including procurement of the required components, PCB assembly, inspection and testing, and the final product is taken care of by the manufacturer. This saves a lot of time.  

Facts about Turnkey Assembly

This section of the post will reveal some mind-boggling facts about the turnkey assembly method.

  1. The entire responsibility of completing the project in time is on the assembler, which helps in accelerating the entire process.
  2. In this assembly methodology, manufacturers are well-equipped to deliver large runs as large as 10,000 in one batch. You can get the assemblies in any quantity you want.
  3. As the entire process is taken care of by the PCB assembly services, they can use the components that are suitable for their equipment. This helps improve the development quality and increases the speed.
  4. The best feature of this method is that you can track the status of your project in real-time. This becomes possible due to the online portal, which helps in streamlining everything from management of documents, to order, and tracking.
  5. The turnkey assembly generally has a shorter development cycle. The time required for the transition from one phase to the other is very less. This helps in decreasing the time-to-market.
  6. With this approach, you can get your prototypes done in less time and at affordable rates. With the quick delivery of prototypes, you can get your product in the market early.

Weren’t these facts interesting indeed? This explains why turnkey PCB assembly is trending today, and most business owners are opting for it. If you want you PCB assembly to be done quickly and cost-effectively, then you should consult manufacturers, who follow this approach. Creative Hi-Tech is one such leading manufacturer of PCB assemblies and follows the turnkey approach.

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