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Develop the Engineer Inside your Kids by Gifting them PCB Fabrication Kits

Develop the Engineer Inside your Kids by Gifting them PCB Fabrication Kits

Dec 15,2015

How to make the upcoming holidays productive and innovative for your kids? With school breaks coming up, every working parents will have this question in mind.

Is your child interested in electronics and technology? Did you find him exploring the internals of household electronic products? Then there is an innovative way to build the engineer inside your kid. Invest on the right PCB fabrication kit; let your little hobbyist have a productive and quality time in this holiday season.

PCB Fabrication for Fun Utilizing Electronic Kits

Recall your childhood days wherein youcreated a mess during an attempt to create PCB boards. You might haveused a sharp ink pen to create circuit patterns in copper boards. Then,hand drilled the artwork, rubbed silver powder to prevent corrosion, andso on. Your mom might have scolded you for the stain and chaos youcreated. But even after all those efforts and pain, you might have notreceived the positive results and perfection that you expected.

You should not let those confusions and hard feelings carry over to your kids. Give them the best tools thathelp them create perfect PCBs. PCB starter kits exist for this reason.Your kids will find everything in these kits that will help them create PCBs with endless possibilities. There are wide varieties of kitsavailable with different components. You can choose the right one as peryour child's interest and aspirations.

  • Artwork drafting pack
  • Assorted sheet transfer
  • Polypropylene tray
  • Etching kit
  • UV exposure unit
  • Copper clad
  • Etch resist marker pen
  • Hand push PCB drill
  • Copper clad cutting knife
  • Set of hand gloves
  • Eye protection glass
  • Various Resistors, Capacitors, transistors, diodes and other components

Ideal for Kids Who Want to Experiment, Design, and Make Their Own PCBs

PCB fabrication kits are the best thingyou can gift your little engineer this holiday season. Your kids willspend some quality time with the kit, exploring and learning new things.Your kids can build some amazing projects and learn a lot.

And, of course you will hear them saying Yes, I madeĀ that will make you happy for sure!    

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