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Circuit Board Contract Manufacturers Implement Intelligent Feeders

Circuit Board Contract Manufacturers Implement Intelligent Feeders

Feb 26,2013

In today's fast paced world of ever changing technology, pcb assembly houses look to implement a myriad of cost saving and streamlining technology to reduce errors and improve efficiency. One way of going about this is to completely remove human error from the mix. Electronic contract manufacturers know that the more automated the process, the better chance for success.

Enter Juki's new intelligent feeders. For the longest time, the only way to tell what components were in a feeder was to physically look at the SMT reel and manually log the information. Now with RFID technology and software developed by Juki, all materials can be tracked and managed via their IFS-X2 Intelligent Feeder System. This technology allows the operator to set up their circuit board assembly line much more quickly and with less chance of error. And with a RFID chip in every feeder, the machine automatically knows where to pick the components, without the operator having to painstakingly follow a diagram and instead, place the feeders in any open slot. This system is great for manufacturers with volume pcb assembly and production.

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