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Care for a Tattooed PCB?

Care for a Tattooed PCB?

Jun 13,2016

Wearable technology is at its peak as consumers are looking at ways to stay connected at all times. This thirst has taken a new twist, as some out-of-the-box thinkers are exploring ways to tattoo yourself with technology. Yes, you heard it right. Tattooed PCBs allows you to light up your body and do so much more. Circuit boards in wearable technology play a significant role. Their dimensions and flexibility allow for innovation in the wearable segment.

How Does It Work?

Circuit board tattoos are created usingelectric paint and an extremely thin circuit board. The tattoo can becreated to keep the circuitry (electric paint) visible or concealeddepending on the user. These tattoos can also be controlled by anapplication in a smartphone.  

Other Uses of Tattooed PCBs :

Although technology infused tattoos sound like a lot of fun, the medical industry can also benefit from this invention. A patient need not be confinedwhen connected to medical equipment. He/ she can move around freelywhile being closely monitored with the help of PCB tattoos. Allinformation about a patient can be stored and monitored with the help ofPCB tattoos.

In the healthcare industry, users cantrack their blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, and much more.With time, tattooed PCBs could replace smart watches that act aspedometers, calorie counters, etc. Another possible benefit is beingable to keep track of your child especially in crowded situations. Thesame can be adopted by the military to keep a close watch on thelocation of its soldiers.

The possibilities of using theseproducts and the advantages offered are endless. This invention can helpfurther the technological evolution that mankind is currentlyundergoing. PCB tattoos take ‘wireless’ to a whole new level. 

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