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5 Benefits of Chemical Free PCBs

5 Benefits of Chemical Free PCBs

Aug 24,2016

Today, air is contaminated withvarious pollutants, which are causing severe health problems. Like allother industrial segments, PCB manufacturers are making efforts tominimize and eliminate chemicals in PCBs without compromising on theirquality. They are also doing their best to reduce their carbonfootprints. In the previous post, we discussed various types ofchemicals used in PCB manufacturing, and popular chemical-free PCBsavailable for purchase. In this post, we will concentrate on thebenefits of using chemical free PCBs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Chemical Free PCBS

There are various reasons why you shouldconsider chemical free PCBs in your applications. Here are five majorreasons for doing so:

  • Safe to Use: As the name suggests, no harshchemicals are used in the production of these circuit boards. This meansthese circuit boards are safe to use, and there is no risk of chemicalleaching. By investing in these PCBs, you are giving a chemical-free PCBexperience to your clients. Also, you are ensuring that people involvedin assembly and manufacturing remain safe, too.
  • Recyclable and Reusable: Chemical-freeconstruction of PCBs makes them recyclable and reusable. Lead-free PCBscan be reused after recycling, and halogen-free PCBs offer easy disposalat the end of their service lives.
  • Increased Use in Healthcare and Food Industry: Varioustypes of PCBs form the core of various automation equipment used in thehealthcare and food industry. However, chemical-free PCBs can providebenefits of performance along with safety manufacturing and supplychains.
  • Offers a Wide Range of Possibilities for Wearable Technology Devices: Future-friendlywearable technology devices are among the bestselling consumer goods.These devices incorporate technical features and functions that helppeople monitor and manage their lives effectively. Wearable devices suchas pedometers, smart watches, activity trackers, and head mountedoptical devices come in contact with the skin. Most of these devices arecontrolled by PCBs. Today, manufacturers are considering the option ofchemical free PCBs because they improve the safety of these devices, andmake them accessible for people with specific skin conditions too.
  • Compliance with Industrial Regulations: Manyleading regulatory organizations like FDA has issued directives forcompanies that are into PCB manufacturing and assembling. By investingin chemical-free PCBs, you are showing your admittance towards theseinitiatives and building a sustainable environment for futuregenerations.

Quality PCB manufacturers will alwaystake care to adhere to the law and maintain their quality throughout theproduction process. If you have decided to invest in chemical-free PCBs,ensure that you are buying it from a reputed manufacturer who followsRoHS directives. Most of these manufacturers will readily give reviewsof their chemical-free processes. If you are unable to obtain thisinformation, or the company shows reticence to reveal it, consideranother manufacturer on your list.

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