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4 Reasons to Select a Single-Stop PCB Assembly

4 Reasons to Select a Single-Stop PCB Assembly

Feb 07,2017

Electronic companies look for severalcost-effective options when it comes to PCB manufacturing and assembly.Most established electronic companies have their own facilities. Smallto midsized Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) outsource theirmanufacturing and assembly to third party vendors. Generally, these OEMsprefer to partner with multiple vendors for cost saving purposes. Whilethey may achieve some cost savings, they may encounter delays forvarious reasons. Today, single-stop PCB assembly and manufacturing isbecoming a preferred choice among such OEMs. Why? This post gives 4advantages of selecting a single-stop PCB assembly and manufacturing.

4 Benefits of Selecting a Single-Stop PCB Circuits Assembly and Manufacturing Service

Here are some benefits of selecting a single-stop assembly and manufacturing service for your PCB circuits.

  • Save on Incompatibility: This is one of thebiggest advantages of selecting a single-stop PCB manufacturing. As thevendor is aware of your requirements, there are rare chances ofdisagreements over components and parts, as well as working of thesePCBs.
  • Quality and Value-added Services: There are manyPCB assembly companies, which focus on just one aspect of the project.Although they may produce great designs, they may not pay attention toother aspects such as a proper shipping, handling, etc. This may lead topoor quality product. With a single PCB management team, companies canproceed with confidence. The dedicated PCB management company employsrigorous testing procedures in all stages of manufacturing. It is seenthat such companies usually serve across various industries such astelecommunication, military, and space communications. These industriesstrongly emphasize on quality, which inspires these one-stop serviceproviders to strengthen their quality policies.
  • Deeper Involvement: While working with a singlePCB assembly company, a buyer can get involved with each step of PCBdesigning. They can see the product from start to finish, andcollaborate with PCB designers and engineers to convey their ideas.Whendealing with multiple vendors for fabrication, assembly, shipping, andcustomer service, the business may not be able to control the processthey want. There might be several mistakes made at every level, and theymay go unnoticed for a long time. However, single company PCBfabrication or assembly is conducted at one place, and buyers cancontrol the entire PCB designing phases from design to inception toreception.
  • A Single Point of Contact: When it comes tomultiple vendors, there are all chances that you are dealing withmultiple points of contact. Your product may be dealt by differentpeople in different stages and it may be very late before you realizethat your product needs various subtractions and additions. When theproduct is delivered, you may not know whom to approach for problems orany support. It may take long time to resolve problems, and this waitmay cost you some customers, too.

When it comes to working with a singlevendor, you can reach them at any time and you will have a reliablepoint of contact. Any situation can be easily resolved with a phonecall, or a mail, rather than spending time on contacting multiplevendors.

Cost control and faster turnaround aresome obvious benefits of dealing with a single PCB contractor. This is agreat benefit for companies, which are trying to make their impact oncustomers by improving their time to market capabilities.

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