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Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Multilayer printed circuit boards feature more than two layers of conductors separated by a dielectric layer, in which the internal conductors are usually connected using plated through holes. The coatings are used on one, or both sides.

The multilayer PCBs typically have 3-6 layers. Creative Hi-Tech is a well-known electronic services manufacturer in the US providing multilayer PCB assembly services.

Multi-layer PCB Assembly

Types of Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Provided by Creative Hi-Tech

Creative Hi-Tech provides the following types of multilayer flexible printed circuit board assembly services:
  • Flexible Multilayer PCBs: These PCBs have three, or more layers, which are differentiated by dielectrics through PTH vias. The flexible multilayer PCBs are required for applications with increased circuit density, or in applications where layout and circuit density cannot be included in a single layer.
  • Rigid Flexible Multilayer PCBs: These PCBs have conductors on both rigid and flexible circuit layers. The rigid-flexible multilayer PCBs can resist temperature, and static interference. Thus, these PCBs are used in mission-critical applications such as circuits used in aerospace, medical, and military.

Creative Hi-Tech’s PCB Assembly Capabilities

Creative Hi-Tech’s PCB manufacturing facility is well-equipped to produce multilayer PCB assemblies. Manual and high-speed inspection capabilities ensure high-quality end products. We can handle small to medium, prototype, large, and continuous production runs. Our PCB assembly capabilities include:

  • Quick Turn PCBA Prototyping
  • PCB Production
  • PCB Design
  • BGA Replacement and Repair
  • Testing, Test Development, and Repair Services

Benefits of Multilayer PCBS

The following benefits of multilayer PCBs make them popular over double, or single sided PCBs.
  • Compact Design
  • High Flexibility
  • EMI Shielding through placement of ground and power layers
  • Minimizes the requirement for interconnecting wire harnesses
  • Reduces distortion and signal propagation in applications where signal integrity is critical
  • Allows routing large number of signals
  • Provides areas where components and stiffeners can be added easily

Beneficial Features of Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services from Creative Hi-Tech

The following beneficial features of our multilayer PCB design services make them popular with our customers:
  • Lead-free components
  • ROHs compliant designs
  • Competitive Prices
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Demonstrated capability to work with a variety of materials

Applications of Multilayer PCBs

The multilayer PCBs are beneficial for aerospace applications due to the space and weight benefits they offer. However, they are also beneficial for several other applications such as:

  • File servers
  • Computers
  • Cell phone transmitters
  • GPS technology
  • Signal transmission
  • Satellite systems
  • Nuclear detection systems
  • X-ray equipment
  • Weather analysis
  • Atomic accelerators
  • Space probe equipment
  • Central fire alarm systems
  • Hand-held devices
  • Wearable Devices

Industries Using Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs are used in the following industrial verticals:
  • Military
  • Wireless
  • Telecom
  • Satellite
  • Business Electronics
  • LED

To know more about multilayer flexible PCB assembly including small, prototype, medium, and large production runs, contact us today via phone at 224-653-4000 , or email us at sales@creativehitech.com.

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Creative Hi-Tech has been a long time partner with our Vertex project and has maintained a very good Quality & Delivery performance over the years here at Honeywell. In these turbulent times they have been a stablizing force in supporting our needs.”

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Creative Hi-Tech is a great business partner. Creative is very responsive to any request and very flexible. They have helped us through several tough situations and we greatly appreciate their ability to get the job done.”

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Creative Hi-Tech is easy to work with, very customer oriented, and always willing to push to make on time deliveries.”

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Creative Hi-Tech has been a  long time partner with our  Vertex project and has maintained a very good  Quality & Delivery performance  over the years here at  Honeywell.  In these  turbulent  times, they have  been a  stabilising force  in  supporting  our  needs.”

- Richard S. – LED Lighting Manufacturer

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